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Since 2018, I’ve helped celebrities, internationally recognized brands, and service-based B2B and B2C businesses drive sales and generate leads online. I take the time to understand each client’s unique business goals then develop winning strategies, content, and business tools specifically for their needs.

I’ve planted my flag firmly at the crossroads of design and technical know-how. Specializing in lead generation for high-ticket service-based businesses with a focus on website design and development, SEO, paid advertising and Go-To-Market Strategy. 

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Who Is Ben Ijahv2

Creative Director & Digital Marketing Consultant

Ijah vs. Illinois (Transparent Background)

The Past

Engineer, Athlete, Named a “Renaissance Man” by the NCAA and Creative Director by one of the most recognized and respected names on the planet.

Ben Ijah in Suit (Transparent Background)

The Present

With a background in complex B2B sales and content creation, I help businesses & prominent figures reach their business goals online.

Top Seo Agency in Newport Beach

Websites and Digital Marketing Strategies that Generate Consistent Sales

Creating a website, content and/or a strategy is easy. Developing a website and digital marketing strategy that consistently generates paying customers is much more complicated. Consistently converting online traffic into real world sales REQUIRES in-depth knowledge of SEO and advertising best practices including code structure, constantly changing platform algorithms, user interface and user experience design, data analysis, optimization and much more. Simply put, most marketing consultants and companies do not have the knowledge or hustle to execute properly.


I’m not going to tell you that if you work with me that you’ll magically become the #1 Google result overnight or 10x your sales in 30 days. Any person or company making those claims simply doesn’t know what they are talking about or is intentionally misleading you. Click here to read the statement published by Google warning about companies making such claims.


What I can say is that I’ve grown my business and referral network by doing the best that I can to set the right expectation for every project and engagement. I am up to date with the technical and design best practices for leading platforms including Google, Facebook, and Instagram, and I’ll utilize every tool in my arsenal to put your best business in the best position to succeed. I will leverage Google’s Search algorithm to help your outrank the competition and drive organic (free) leads by conducting “keyword research” and properly structuring your site’s code and content. I will leverage analytics data from numerous sources to continuously optimize and improve the performance of your advertising campaign, website, business listings, Google search rating, and more. And I’ll keep clear lines of communication, ensuring that your feedback is integrated as often as possible. 

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Welcome, There's Much Ahead

There's Much Ahead

A lot of work went into making this site truly unique. Here’s how… Each page flaunts a completely different design, branding, and custom elements.  I invite you to explore my site and learn about the marketing solutions that I provide to businesses of all sizes. And remember, your referrals and shares are appreciated!

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