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Discover how to automate labor intensive biz dev activities and execute authentic conversations at scale for a more effective & efficient sales process.


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John Doe
John Doe
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Being the founder & principal of a creative agency with Fortune-100 clients, my perspective towards AI was split between concern & skepticism but ABDD has completely changed that perspective to one of excitement. We're couldn't be happier with the ROI and the adoption of this technology has caused me to completely rethink the possibilities of our business and the role that AI can play in expanding its potential.
John Doe
John Doe
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As a copywriter, I had my doubts to say the least. But I have to say that the software has truly impressed me. Its finding our ideal clients and sending compelling emails. I now get to focus on improving our overall messaging strategy, rather than execute it.
John Doe
John Doe
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Great tool with a lot of support. We provide technology solutions to the Credit Union industry. This tool has allowed us to immediately find and engage our ideal clients, while the support is helping us to improve our sales process exponentially.

Reach More Leads.
More Effectively.
At Lower Costs.

Unmatched sophistication

Customized Per-Client

Our software is completely customized for the unique sales process & needs of each client. No two accounts are the same, allowing our industry-leading software to operate with the highest level of sophistication and integrate seamlessly with any sales process. We handle all setup & maintenance, meaning no additional for your team.


Drop Expensive Contact Database Subscriptions

ABDD provides current contact info for prospects matching your ideal client profile (ICP). Including phone number, social media accounts, physical address, over 50 other data points.


AI-Driven Prospecting

ABDD conducts an in-depth analysis of each prospective lead and business. Condensing its research into a report & delivering that report to sales personnel.

cold outreach & Follow-up

Personalized Outreach & Follow-Up at Scale

ABDD contacts leads via both email & text with messaging personalized based on it’s prospecting research, your specified tonality, and our proprietary algorithm.

CRM & Unified Chat

Human Intervention from Anywhere

CRM & Unified Chat allow sales pros to easily review conversations & respond to messages from various channels through a single interface avaiable on mobile app & desktop. CRM updates are also automated.


Data-Driven Process Improvements

Actionable data provided in real-time, empowering more productive sales teams and processes.

Premium Support

Marketing Partner, Sales KPIs

Marketing KPIs rarely drive revenue. Our focus is on enabling your sales team to generate new business revenue & operate more efficiently. We truly partner with clients, offering continuous updates & frequent collaboration.

Onboarding Process

Our onboarding process is streamlined to ensure a short development cycle combined with industry-leading customization & sophistication.
Clients are typically live within 30 days.

Sign Up

Speak with sales to select  features, functionality, support, and move forward with partnership.

Client Intake

Complete an in-depth questionnaire allowing us to clearly understand your ICP, messaging, tonality, etc. 

Approx.  90-min

Intake Analysis

Upon completing client intake, your account manager will schedule a meeting to address any final questions.

Approx.  3-5 days

Development Cycle

We build ABDD SalesBots under intense collaboration. Clients receive (2) iterations with meetings to critique each iteration prior to launch.

Approx.  3 weeks


Integration times vary based on need & complexity. Standard integration with our base CRM, email, and text takes a week.

Approx.  1 week

CRM Training

ABDD SalesBot is launched & clients are trained how to use CRM system to augment sales efforts.

Approx.  60-min

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We’re developing the next generation of B2B sales tools including integrations with popular platforms to ensure the legitimacy of your tech stack’s data.