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Your go-to marketing guy. Websites, Graphic Design, Advertising, Branding, and more. I specialize in taking the time to understand your unique business goals and creating content that you’re proud of. I’m here to build with you. 


Who Is Ben Ijahv2

Creative Director & Marketing Consultant

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The Past

I’ve been named a “Renaissance Man” by the NCAA and Creative Director by one of the most recognized & respected names on the planet.

Want to know more?​

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The Present

With a background in complex B2B sales and content creation, I help businesses & prominent figures improve their marketing effectiveness.

How do I do it?

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Welcome Illustration

Welcome, There's Much Ahead

There's Much Ahead

A lot of work went into making this site truly unique. Here’s how… Each page flaunts a completely different design, branding, and custom elements.  I invite you to explore my site and learn about the marketing solutions that I provide to businesses of all sizes. And remember, your referrals and shares are appreciated!

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