than a Marketer

With deep experience in complex B2B sales, I know that success REQUIRES much more than just visually appealing content.


A Marketer with an Athlete's Tenacity and Salesman's Mentality

I love what I do and it’s evident in my work. As an ex-division 1 football team captain named a “Renaissance Man” by the NCAA, I know what it means to outwork the competition and help my clients to do the same. Having a background in complex B2B sales, I know that high-quality content means very little without strategy and data to back it. I take pride in providing clients with solutions for both their marketing strategy and marketing content needs. I go “all in” on each project that I work on. Compiling data and conducting the research necessary to develop a solid strategy then create clear, high-quality marketing content to support that strategy. If you’d like to know more about me, the services I provide or have questions, contact me using the form here.


Named a “Renaissance Man” by the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) for significant physical, mental, and creative accomplishments! *article here


Confidentially provided guidance, strategy, and marketing content to some of the country’s most known companies and prominent figures.


Attended the ESPYs, ESPN College Basketball Awards, NBA Hall of Fame Induction, and more events with happy clients.

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Leverage data and technology to help your business find the Right Lead and provide the Right Offer with the Right Creative


Exceed your marketing goals by communicating more effectively and improving content quality


Learn Portuguese (I’m a big fan of Brazillian culture)

Digital Advertising

My Philosophy

Success = Optimized External and Internal Communication

As a business owner or responsible employee, your goal should always be consistent organization-wide improvement. Effective communication (or lack of it) plays a vital role in the productivity of an organization. You can’t claim to be an organization aspiring toward greatness if you’re not allocating resources toward optimizing both internal and external communications.


  • Internal Communications: Branding, Brand Narrative, Internal Facing Website and Documents
  • External Communications: Brand Narrative, Website and SEO, Presentation and Marketing Documents, and Advertising


Effective marketing requires communicating at the highest level both externally and internally. Internal and external communications ultimately have a domino effect on the productivity of an organization. As internal communications improve, your team better understands the organization and their role within it. As your team better understands their role, they become more deliberate and more productive. Productive teams and effective communication drive successful marketing campaigns (external communications) which in turn create more profitable, deliberate, and sustainable organizations. If you’d like to discuss improving the communication of your organization, contact me using the form here.

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