A Different Experience on Every Page

An Experiment in User Interface and User Experience (ui/ux) Design

About Ben Ijah LLC's innovative website design

A website is the first thing that a potential customer, employee, and partner sees. It’s the top of your sales funnel and the first impression of your organization. It has to be right!

I wanted my site to be Different

and believe I've done it.


User Experience.

If you’ve visited any other pages on this site, you’ve likely noticed each page looks and feels different. Maybe you thought it was cool, maybe you thought it was inconsistent, or something in between. Either way, each page created a new feeling and an experience uniquely independent from that of the previous or next.

User experience is driven by stimulating the senses with tone, creative and copy, and is vital for effective marketing campaigns.

I hope this site made you think, feel and experience a website differently.



Each page of the Ben Ijah LLC website creates a uniquely independent User Experience (or “ux”) by utilizing various branding techniques. A page of the website might feel like a technology company, while another feels like a magazine and another feels like an upbeat eCommerce company. 

Effective branding instills values, confidence, and other emotions without saying a word.

I hope the juxtaposition of my site’s pages made you think differently about the potential of branding as a tool to enhance your internal and external communications.



I’m competitive. I know you’ve got a lot of options for marketing help and I wanted to create something that challenges industry standards while showing prospects versatility in an interactive way.  

My challenge was to create a site that shows versatility, high production value and generates a unique user experience.

Prospect I hope this site was an enjoyable experience that grows into a business relationship.

Competition – Let’s raise the bar on creative!

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